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New Study Finds Urban Development and Changing Fire Regimes Negatively Impacting Blainville's Horned Lizard Populations

Research by a team of lizard scientists calls for increased efforts across Greater Los Angeles to conserve the iconic lizard species, native to southern and central California and northern Baja California

Burro-ing Into the Past

A new study reveals that introduced donkeys and indigenous pumas are helping to resurrect extinct food webs in Death Valley.

Eating bamboo? It's all in the wrist.

An ancient fossil reveals the earliest panda to survive solely on bamboo and the evolutionary history of panda's false thumbs

City Nature Challenge tallies over 1.69 Million Wildlife Observations

Over 67,000 community scientists from 445 cities around the world document more than 2,244 rare, endangered, or threatened species.

NHM Launches New Digital Initiative, "Backyard Birding"

Celebrating Birding with New Video Series, Zine, and Online Resources