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Community scientists across the globe compete in City Nature Challenge, April 26-29, 2024

Ninth annual community science event unites people with nature and each other as participants around the world document Earth’s biodiversity

NHM Scientists Discover First-Ever Mineral-Based Treatment for Widespread Disease Using the Structure of Crystals

Based on the structure of cubic zirconium silicate, the innovative treatment opens doors to future mineral-based treatments made possible by cutting-edge museum science

A Lighthouse in the Gobi Desert

A new study quantifies the impact of the world’s great fossil sites on our understanding of evolutionary relationships between fossil groups and discovers the key to understanding lizard evolutionary history in the Gobi Desert.

New Study Finds Life on Land Is More Vulnerable to Mass Extinctions Than Life in the Oceans and Takes Longer to Recover

Paleoecologists, paleontologists, and geologists — including many from NHM’s Dinosaur Institute — found that significant loss of animal life in terrestrial ecosystems more easily leads to collapse than in marine ecosystems, and those ensuing collapses last much longer on land.

Natural History Museum Announces 2024 First Fridays Season: From Feelings to Pheromones

NHM’s most popular annual after-hours series returns with a theme that addresses the science behind human and animal attraction.
March 1 through June 7, 2024.