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Lights, Camera, Action
When you work in the NHM History Collections, you can find some rather mysterious objects.
Woah, Check Out This Sponge
The glass rope sponge is a true marine oddity.
Behold! These Are Really Old!
By far the oldest items in our collections: our many meteorites
California Showers Bring Salamanders: Please Help us Find Them
Join us in some community science research to help us study salamanders across the L.A. area!
Look who didn't get stuck at La Brea Tar Pits
When colleagues at La Brea Tar Pits contacted me, seemingly out of the blue, to request my help with camera trap monitoring in one of their excavation sites, I was already eager to pay them a visit.
Los Angeles is Being Invaded by Frogs!
Sunday, September 6, 7:54 pm, my phone vibrates with an incoming text message.
Your Climate Change Talking Points
We asked museum scientists, volunteers, and Angelenos to tell us how they wrap their heads around the topic of climate change, how they explain it, and how it informs their everyday lives.
Tiny Marine Marvels
DISCO collects specimens down by the docks
Minerals on Mars
Scientists have long wondered if Mars could support life. But what exactly should we look for?