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The Beginnings of Butterflies
A sweeping new study by over 80 scientists including NHM researcher Vijay Barve identifies that butterflies originated in North or Central America 100 million years ago.
Bugs For Life
NHM researchers’ ambitious plan to barcode every insect species in CA—before it’s too late
There's a Feather for That
Bird Curator Allison Shultz lays out the surprising powers of plumage and how understanding feathers helps humans—and helps humans to help birds.
Big Bee Bonanza
Help digitize NHM's bee collections and keep bees buzzing with this crowd-sourced community science project
Think Small With SEM
Seeing the big picture with tiny specimens and one powerful scanning electron microscope
Biodiversity in L.A. Backyards
A week's worth of spotlighting species (and some ways you can help) in recognition of California's Biodiversity Week, September 3-11, 2022.
Eating bamboo? It's all in the wrist.
An ancient fossil reveals the earliest panda on an exclusively bamboo diet and the evolutionary history of panda's false thumbs
The Secret Power of Zeolite
Our Curator of Mineral Sciences, Aaron Celestian, talks about why this mineral blows his mind!
Gypsum Crystals: Mineral Ships for Alien Life?
Can gypsum crystals hold alien life from Mars? Explore every facet of these incredible crystals with our Mineral Sciences Curator Aaron Celestian.
How Littler Raptors Are Making It in the Big City
Picturing the perfect city raptor with community science data