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Stepping Stones Across Oceans
NHM’s Ichthyology Curator visits two remote islands to understand how fish move around our planet.
Nature Gardens Turn 10
A look back—and forward–at all the nature thriving in NHM’s Nature Gardens.
City Nature Challenge All Stars
The tally from NHM’s annual collaborative urban nature global event is in, and the results will astound you! Meet some of the keen-eyed uber observers of L.A.’s wild scene, our stellar local community participants.
Some Strings Attached: L.A.'s Premier Puppet Theater
Alex Evans | Bob Baker Marionette Theater Co-Executive Director & Head Puppeteer
The Beginnings of Butterflies
A sweeping new study by over 80 scientists including NHM researcher Vijay Barve identifies that butterflies originated in North or Central America 100 million years ago.
Emerald Roaches With Austin Baker
Austin Baker, Ph.D. and a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Entomology Department explains what sets these critters apart and the natural history of the emerald roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica).
Becoming San Gabriel
In 1785, a Gabrieleno-Tongva woman named Toypurina led a revolt against the Spanish colonizers at Mission San Gabriel, cementing her legacy as a symbol of Indigenous resistance and fortitude.
 Wonder Girls
A contingent of 8 to 18-year-olds spent three inspirational days at NHM learning from experts about fossils, mammals, and oceans, and discovering the many stepping stones to careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
Goth Couture
A behind-the-scenes look at preparing Wednesday Addams' dress for display in NHM's Becoming Los Angeles exhibition.
Bugs For Life
NHM researchers’ ambitious plan to barcode every insect species in CA—before it’s too late