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News & Press Archive

Night of Ideas 2019

The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County Brings 'Night of Ideas,' to L.A.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Announces 2019 First Fridays: Forces of Nature

Live music and discussion series begins Friday, March 1, with a deep dive into the theme “Fire”

30 New Species Discovered in Los Angeles Urban Biodiversity Survey

NHM project BioSCAN enlists residents of L.A. to serve as ‘site hosts’ in a new model for investigating urban wildlife

New Fossil Rattles Moby Dick's Family Tree

Led by new NHM marine mammal curator, team discovers rare whale fossil in Panama, where fieldwork is difficult

Little Flies in the Big City: What You Find Depends on How You Look

A group of researchers from the U.S. and Australia have announced the completely unexpecteddiscovery of exotic “vinegar flies” (drosophilids) in urban Los Angeles