Youth Programs

Kids doing a survey in the Nature Gardens.

Our full suite of youth programs will return soon. Check back for updates. 


Critter Club (for 3 - 5 year-olds with an adult)
Live animals, story times, songs, and art experiences are just some of the fun activities we have planned for you. Critter Club is a family-friendly program that introduces the museum's live animals to visitors and weaves in science topics, such as food webs and adaptations. 

Junior Scientist (for 6 - 9 year-olds with an adult)
Join us to experience the museum as a scientist does! Feel what it’s like to do real scientific work by using the same tools and techniques as our own museum researchers. By asking questions and making observations, you’ll make discoveries about topics ranging from the biggest beasts to the smallest insects. 

Nature Navigators (for 10 - 12 year-olds) 
Nature Navigators invites your child to explore the nature in Los Angeles by working with their peers to contribute live data to real scientists and their work!

In the meantime, check our family resources to stay connected to the fun and excitement of the Museum!