Tar Pits of the World

Wild tar pit in Trinidad
After trekking through the jungle for an hour we came across this 'wild' tar pit. It's a great place to study how wildlife today act around this natural phenomenon.

Tar Pits of the World

Asphaltic deposits or "tar pits" present a unique opportunity to study past ecosystems because they preserve many different kinds of fossils (and lots of them!).
Tar pits are especially important for scientists in areas where fossils don't normally preserve well, such as the Neotropics. 

Zoom in and click on the map icons to learn about fossiliferous tar pits around the world!

Welcome to the B.R.E.A.S. Project where we are Bridging Research & Education at Asphaltic Sites. 

Our mission is to foster integrative research collaborations and build capacity at asphaltic fossil localities around the world. We want to provide collections support and technical expertise to local institutions involved in excavating, preparing, and curating fossils from these asphaltic localities. We will share expertise and initiate staff and student exchanges between these institutions and La Brea Tar Pits. We seek to advance research collaborations and engage local communities by developing education and outreach programs to support local STEM education and to conserve and communicate the importance of these localities. You can follow us on Twitter @BREASproject, on Instagram @B.R.E.A.S  and on Facebook BREAS Initiative as well as with #tarpitsoftheworld


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