Pan de Coco: Ube Filled Nostalgia

Kym Estrada | San & Wolves Bakeshop

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Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories celebrates L.A. history, heritage, and communities through the lens of bread.


Kym Estrada created San & Wolves Bakeshop from a desire to bring the vegan Filipino community a sense of home through bread. Her Long Beach-based pop-up bakery brings nostalgic flavors to the Filipino community and others looking to connect with the deliciously and environmentally conscious goodies from her bakeshop. With a rotating menu of Filipino baked goods like pan de coco, ensaymada, ube crumb cake, pandesal, cornbread bibingka, cassava cake (and so much more!), Kym lovingly brings the flavors of the Filipino home to Angelenos. 

Click the link above to watch Kym's L.A. bread story.

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When I created San & Wolves, it was to give people who are vegan and Filipino a sense of nostalgia. With whatever we make, they say 'this reminds me of home.'

Kym Estrada

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To see what's baking at San & Wolves Bakeshop, check them on Instagram @sanandwolvesbakeshop


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