The Heart of Fry Bread

Sandra Hale | Lucy Hale’s Indian Tacos & Fry Bread

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Kneaded: L.A. Bread Stories celebrates L.A.'s history, heritage, and communities through the lens of bread.


Sandra Hale (Navajo Nation) learned early on from her mother that quality ingredients are essential, but your state of mind is equally important when making fry bread dough.  Positive thinking and a happy heart are vital ingredients for Lucy Hale’s Indian Tacos & Fry Bread, a multigenerational, family-owned business that operates with recipes and processes handed down from Sandra’s mother, Lucy Hale.  Dive into the delicious world of fry bread tacos with Sandra and her extended family, who serve fluffy fry bread infused with love and positivity throughout Southern California via their pop-up restaurant. 

Click the link above to watch Sandra’s L.A. bread story.

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All the hard work of making fry bread goes away when people enjoy your food. It makes you feel good about what you are doing

Sandra Hale 


To see what's cooking at  Lucy Hale’s Indian Tacos & Fry Bread, visit their Facebook and Instagram page @lucyhalesindiantacos


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