Hank Woolley

Graduate Student, Dinosaur Institute

Hank Woolley is a Graduate Student-in-Residence in the Dinosaur Institute, conducting paleontological research in support of the institute's programs in addition to fulfilling his doctorate degree at the University of Southern California.

Hank was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and grew up skiing, building backyard forts, and memorizing dinosaur facts. Hank received a B.A. in Medieval European History and French & Francophone Studies from Bates College, a B.A. in Geology from the University of Colorado Boulder, and is currently a PhD Student in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Southern California. Paleontological Fieldwork has taken Hank to Antarctica, Madagascar, and all over the American West, including Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Hank is interested in deciphering biodiversity signals in the fossil record and in understanding macroevolutionary patterns in the skeletal remains of fossil lizards and snakes. Hank wants to use the information gained from our planet's hotter past to help predict and manage changes in reptile ecosystems in response to global warming.

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