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Lounge in the African Mammal Hall


Throw an amazing event where your guests can dance with our dueling dinos, dine in the Western Plains, or sip cocktails by our pond in your own personal garden. 

At NHM, we welcome events of all kinds, including corporate dinners and holiday parties, non-profit fundraisers, lectures, and life cycle celebrations such as weddings, anniversary parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and more!

As one of L.A.'s oldest museums, NHM has over 100 years of experience in making a moment last forever. Whether your tastes lean toward the classical architecture of the Rotunda in our 1913 building or our majestic Grand Foyer, or the dramatic tableaux of our diorama halls, you can let your imagination run wild. Classical or quirky, your event promises to be one that’s special and unique.

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Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer is a stately marble hall with 40-foot ceilings, twin half domes, marble columns, travertine floors, and oversized chandeliers, but it’s also home to the museum’s iconic “Dueling Dinosaurs.”  Despite the fact that these complete skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops are locked in battle, the “dinos” have presided over many happy occasions including wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and corporate holiday parties. Flanked on each side by the North American Mammal Hall and African Mammal Hall, the Grand Foyer serves as the ultimate starting point for any event at the Natural History Museum.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 200 guests
Banquet Style - 160 guests
Cocktail Style - 400 guests

North American Mammal Hall (Level 1)

Dinner setup in the North American Mammal Hall
Dinner in the North American Mammal Hall

Imagine your guests entering this grand hall with the plains of central Wyoming as their backdrop. A magnificent heard of bison quietly drink from a small pond with the towering Big Horn Mountains in the distance. To the side a gray wolf can be spotted hiding in the bushes, waiting to pounce. Each and every diorama tells a different tale, and none will cease to captivate your guests. The North American Mammal Hall is the largest of all of the museum's galleries and is the prime location for anything from dinner parties to rock concerts. The possibilities are as wide as the plains themselves.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 270 guests
Banquet Style - 270 guests
Cocktail Style - 450 guests

African Mammal Hall

Take your guests on their own African safari, with the majestic backdrop of savanna elephants, Cape buffalo, and a family of giraffes in a diorama so real you'll be surprised you can't hear them breathing. The African Mammal Hall is one of the most beloved spaces in the museum. Slightly smaller and more dramatic than its counterpart, the exotic tableaus make the perfect backdrop for any kind of ceremony, reception, or lounge.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 250 guests
Banquet Style - 230 guests
Cocktail Style - 400 guests

Haaga Family Rotunda

Originally dedicated when the Natural History Museum opened its doors in 1913, the Rotunda is one of the museum's most elegant spaces. Lined with Corinthian pillars and crowned by a glorious stained-glass dome and coffered ceiling, the room boasts the first fine bronze sculpture designed for a public building in Los Angeles: a Beaux Arts statue entitled "Three Muses," which represents the disciplines of Art, History, and Science. The Rotunda is the perfect space for smaller wedding ceremonies, intimate dinners, and any kind of private or corporate reception. With glass doors that look out over Exposition Park, it is the ideal space to be used in conjunction with the Exposition Park Rose Garden.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 150 guests
Banquet Style - 140 guests
Cocktail Style - 200 guests

Erika J. Glazer Family Edible Garden

special event setup in edible garden

This lush, ever-changing vegetable, fruit, and herb garden is the perfect place for an evening reception or dinner. We can’t think of a better venue to introduce your guests to the idea of eating local and learning about the vast array of produce that can be sustainably grown in Southern California. Work with one of our preferred caterers to develop a menu using ingredients that could be grown right here in Exposition Park.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 150 guests
Banquet Style - 60 guests
Cocktail Style - 100 guests

See a map of the Nature Gardens.

The Pond and Pollinator Garden

couple standing at pond deck in nature gardens

Located in the northeast corner of the Nature Gardens, the pond is a stunning backdrop for wedding ceremonies and small dinners. The area is bordered by the Pollinator Garden, which is a magnet for hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, and provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of Downtown L.A.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 150 guests
Banquet Style - 100 guests
Cocktail Style - 200 guests

See a map of the Nature Gardens.

Otis Booth Pavilion

special event setup otis booth pavilion

Have your event under our beloved 63 foot-long fin whale specimen. The Otis Booth Pavilion serves as the gateway from the interior museum to the surrounding Nature Gardens. This glass enclosed space features sliding doors and a true inside-outside feel providing guests with a space for receptions and dinners with a view of our urban waterfall and amphitheater.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 200 guests
Banquet Style - 150 guests
Cocktail Style - 250 guests

North American Mammal Hall (Level 2)

north american mammal hall level 2 empty

Like the two Mammal Halls on Level 1, the Level 2 North American Mammal Hall features stunning dioramas that recreate the realistic natural environments in which these animals were found over 75 years ago. Showcasing a range of habitats — from desert to rainforest, these thorough recreations include the trees, plants, and birds that lived alongside the featured animals. This space is frequently rented for larger receptions in order to increase capacity and provide guests with access to our exhibitions on this floor, including the Bird Hall and the Discovery Center.

Theater/Ceremony Style - 300 guests
Banquet Style - 180 guests
Cocktail Style - 300 guests