Per L.A. County Department of Public Health, masks must be worn at all times indoors and in NHM's outdoor Spider Pavilion. NHMLAC currently does not require visitors to show proof of vaccination. We are working through the implications of the LA City ordinance with respect to our operations. View our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for more information.

Adopt a Butterfly

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Adopt a Butterfly

The butterflies in our Pavilion have gone through an incredible metamorphosis, starting life as a caterpillar, they emerge from their chrysalis as beautiful and colorful adults. They teach us lessons about our urban environment, undergo incredible transformations, reminding us of the wonders of nature, and demonstrate how even the smallest of animals can have a big impact on our world.

Adopt a butterfly today to support our seasonal Butterfly Pavilion, help care for the individual butterflies who call this habitat home and ensure that the spirit of discovery continues in the next generation.

Bring home wonder by symbolically adopting a butterfly or sponsor a butterfly in honor of someone you love. 


Learn more about the butterflies fluttering around in the Pavilion with this digital fact sheet!

Watch the new butterflies take flight for the first time in the Pavilion!

Receive a Butterfly Guide to help you identify the species flying through your yard and within the Pavilion!

Hang a butterfly sculpture in your or a loved one's honor.

Receive digital signage recognition for gifting at this level.

Enjoy a private Q&A with Forest Urban, Manager of Invertebrate Living Collections, and a small group!

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters


Charlane Smith